Atlantida Association – Returning to the Web

The Atlantida Association existed to the help immigrants to the Catalonia region of Spain who are professionals, those people with degrees from a university, successfully integrate into the host society. It carried out this function by validating non-Spanish degrees. It also provided advice on how to use the now validated degree to advance professionally in Catalonia.

Through the website, the Atlantida Association served as a resource for immigrant professionals wishing to utilize their skills to the fullest in their new country. As such it is a model of how to best help educated immigrants achieve their full potential to help themselves and their home country.

We think that this information deserves to be memorialized, and serves as a model for other countries. So we will be bringing the content back as a historical record. We also decided part of the process of making it more widely available was to offer the information in different languages. It was originally offered in Catalan. Now we will offer it in English, with Catalan as an available translation.

If you need to get in touch while waiting for everything to return, please do.

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