This group -composed of seven people-, has had meetings with a monthly periodicity, debating around different subjects in relation to immigration and interculturality, with a quarterly programming of the subjects to treat.

Organization on February 18, 2009 of the screening of the film “Normal Boys”, on the social situation in a neighborhood of Tetouan (Morocco), with the assistance of its director Mr. Daniel Hernández. Debate with those attending the event. There was a large attendance.


Activity organized on December 18, 2009 on the occasion of World Migration Day, in conjunction with the Museum of the History of Immigration in Catalonia based in Sant Adrià del Besòs, focusing on internal immigration that arrived in Catalonia from others places in Spain, with the aim of reflecting and debating on the importance of recording the processes through which the lives of people and peoples are built.

Guided tour of the Museum , which has an interactive program that reproduces experiences of the time.

Round table and debate: Migration Processes and Memory

Presentation : Imma Boj. Director of the Museum of the History of Immigration.
Representative of the Secretariat for Immigration.
Montserrat Feu. President of Atlantis.
Coordination : José Leal, Atlantis Association

Speakers: Mònica Zgustova – Mercè Tatjer – Jaume Botey – Joan Guerrero ..