II Symposium on Mental Health and migratory processes: new realities, new proposals

Held in Barcelona on October 2, 2009 at the Casa del Mar in Barcelona, ​​with the participation as speakers of experts in this field from our country, France, Belgium and Morocco.

Organized by the Association in collaboration with the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya,

Direction: José Leal Rubio.

Advisory committee: Teresa Aragonés, Josep M. Armengou, Amina Bargach, Rosa Bonet and Saïd El Kadaoui.

Organizing committee : Montserrat Feu and Núria Mata

The Symposium had 158 participants, professionals from different disciplines and working in different fields and services in Barcelona and other towns in Catalonia: Health and Mental Health Centers, Early Care Services, Health and Social Welfare Services, Services Sociosanitary, City Councils, Specialized Centers for Abused Women, Educational Centers and Services, Specific Centers and Services for Immigrants and Refugees, Professional Associations, Barcelona Provincial Council, Generalitat de Catalunya and Social Entities and Services

Other Symposia held:

  •  II Symposium Mental Health and Migration Processes . Barcelona, ​​October 2, 2009. ( See program )
  •  I Symposium Mental Health and Migration Processes. Barcelona, ​​18 and 19 November 2005. The Symposium on Mental Health and Migration Processes was held in Barcelona on 18 and 19 November 2005 with the assistance of 190 professionals from different disciplines, representatives of various institutions and entities. . Most came from Catalonia, but also attended by professionals from Madrid, Vigo and Andalusia, as well as an important representation of Atlantis Morocco. The inauguration was presided over by the Honorable Minister of Health Mrs. Marina Geli, and the inaugural lecture was given by Rachid Bennegadi, psychiatrist and anthropologist, who spoke on “The processes of acculturation as indicators of Mental Health, in the framework of migratory trajectories.” The objectives set by Atlantis directly related to “