Upcoming Inauguration of the Atlantis Web

As main functionalities It incorporates:

The automatic translation to any language. (tab at the top left of the home page): Spanish, French, Arabic, German, English, whatever, it does it automatically google, the person who opens the Web sees it in the language of your country or computer . I think that if we talk about interculturality this is fundamental. Take the test in any language.

A home page that highlights the most important topics and works as a “showcase”, claim, hook or portal of the Association.

It contains several tabs (listed at the top) with specialized pages of:

– Identity of Atlantis (who are we ?, where are we?)
– Current news
– Articles of interest

-Training given
– Calendar of events related to our activities
-Description of our ongoing projects.

– Legislative News –
An “blog” page of Atlantis
– Open forums on various topics.

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